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Yau Hawk Tao Kung Fu is a new, dynamic martial arts concept specifically created to meet the needs of the martial arts student of the 21st century.

Yau Hawk Tao, created by Sikung (Grandmaster) Lam Sai Tao in Perth, Western Australia in 1990 was the culmination of his thirty years of research and development in the field of martial arts.
Sikung Lam's career in martial arts began as a seven year old in Penang, Malaysia. Over many years he studied different forms of Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Choi Kwang Do and under Grandmaster Choi Kwang Do's guidance became Malaysian Tae Kwon Do national champion in 1970.
In 1971 Sikung Lam moved to Perth, WA where he became one of the states foremost martial arts practitioners, representing various organizations for many years and establishing his own very successful school (Lam Tae Kwon Do Jung Do Kwan).
However, Sikung Lam still felt he had to continue the development of his own Martial Art concept
After seeking the assistance of a Chinese philosopher to determine the correct name for his art, beliefs and concepts he founded the martial art of Yau Hawk Tao.
Yau Hawk Tao is one of the few martial arts to be founded and based here in Australia.

To understand the meaning of Yau Hawk Tao it needs to be broken into its three separate parts.

'Yau' denotes the gentle way to holistic health. Various forms of breathing, stretching, conditioning exercises and psychology are used to enhance the wellbeing of the practitioners.
'Yau' exercises are smooth, supple and have a relaxed, natural flow. The self defence techniques are gentle to learn, but explosively effective in a combat situation.

'Hawk' simply means the learning of the 'Yau'.

'Tao' denotes the way or method of learning the 'Yau'. Tao is also derived from the founder's name - Lam Sai Tao.

Thus Yau Hawk Tao means the learning of the 'Yau'.

Yau Hawk Tao is designed to enhance the health and well being of its practitioners and so the basic philosophy which underlies the concept of Yau Hawk Tao is non competitive. It is not a tournament based sport. It is a holistic self defence art. This discipline uses natural compact movements and a unique set of patterns and stances which are practical and effective in sudden attack situations.

There are four basic tenets - Peace, Harmony, Perseverance and Integrity.
These four tenets are instilled during training and they act to promote a positive yet humble attitude in the practitioner. These can be used both while in the Hawk Yun (school) and outside in daily life.

There are seven corner stones to Yau Hawk Tao:

  • Biomechanics
  • Body dynamics
  • Yoga practices
  • Classic Chinese meridian exercises
  • Positive psychology
  • Professional training standards
  • Effective self defence

These diverse disciplines have been melded together into one dynamic self defence system which promotes holistic health in its practitioners.

Three things make Yau Hawk Tao unique:
The concept of the 'Yau'.
The singleness of purpose.
It is purely a self defence system, not a combination of self defence and competition styles.
The positive style of Yau Hawk Tao.
Many disciplines compromise in their movements. Some styles are merely staccato with a rigid form, whereas Yau Hawk Tao is highly effective because there are no negative or interrupted movements. The use of natural body movements minimizes short and long term training injuries.

In 1992 Sikung Lam left Western Australia to pursue business interests in Queensland and promoted Sifu John McSwain to the position of Tai Choong Wai (First Master) to head the organization in Western Australia.

In 1999 Tai Choong Wai McSwain purpose built a Yau Hawk Tao Headquarters in Canning Vale (WA) and this was officially opened in March 2000.

On September 1st 2004 Tai Choong Wai John McSwain was promoted by Sikung Lam to the position of Grandmaster (Sikung) of Yau Hawk Tao Martial Art International. Sikung Lam said, "Your success is the result of perseverance and determination. As a consequence, I have recognized your inspirational leadership, devoted to service and experience. Importantly, the responsibility and development of the technical skills in the art of Yau Hawk Tao lies within your expertise as Grand Master"

Sikung McSwain upholds the traditions, values and a high standard established by Sikung Lam and continues to develop and promote Yau Hawk Tao in pursuit of martial arts excellence