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Learning a new skill, especially something I would never have dreamed of doing in the past, has been a terrific way to get my lazy bones out of the house in the evenings and into exercise. You know those days when you just can’t be bothered? I’ve found making the commitment to learn to do something new with a friend has helped me to actually get a workout in on those days, and it’s a doozey.

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Carmen - 96FM Perth

I have been studying Yau Hawk Tao for 20 years now and I can say it's one of the best forms of martial arts for both physical and mental exercise. It's also a great social outlet for people of all ages, including kids. The kids classes have the same training philosophy as the adults class but are geared towards having fun. The kids learn how to kick and punch but they also learn respect, patience and self discipline. As a father, I brought my two girls to Yao Hawk Tao and we started training together as a family. After many years of hard work, we are now all black belts.

If you are looking to learn how to defend yourself and work on your fitness, there is no better martial art.

John is one of the best teachers around. He has a great skill in getting across the basics and fundamentals of the art and he is very patient.

I learn something new in every class!

Brad - Roleystone WA

I started my Yau Hawk Tao journey in 2001 when I was thirteen years old as an enthused young student aspiring to learn to defend myself. Throughout my six years of studying this form of Kung - Fu my insructor has been Sifu Frank Simons.

In 2002 as a blue belt ,I was given the honour of achievimg the most outstanding student of Sifu Frank's class for that year. I achieved my goal of obtaining a black belt in 2004, after a little under three years training. Recently, I have started teaching high school student self defence as part of their physical education classes and in addition to this, I also help out in teaching the children's classes at Yau Hawk Tao's main gym. Even now after training for six years I still strive to keep on learning and improving and hope one day to be able to open up my own gym and teach students of my own.

Natasha Panic

My son and I joined Yau Hawk Tao Kung Fu in April 2002 with my wife joining six months later after becoming interested watching my son and I practice. We have gone on to achieve our black belts(1st Hak Tai)and are still learning many aspects of this immense art. We have found Yau Hawk Tao interesting and effective with a complete syllabus for students of all levels.All of which is implemented by competent, experienced instructors and a brotherhood of students willing to help one another in a friendly club atmosphere.

I have no hesitation in recommending Yau Hawk Tao Kung Fu to any family to keep fit together and empower them with the ability to look after themselves and loved ones.

The Gaunt Family

Yau Hawk Tao has been a part of my life for more than ten years. Over that time I have grown physically and emotionally within the martial art, and found that the benefits of fitness, discipline and confidence flow over into every facet of life. I began my training at the Kelmscott Hawk Yun during my primary school years. Although I was rarely victimized, I was a withdrawn, heavy-set child with little selfconfidence who occasionally found himself at the receiving end of harsh words by more extroverted and athletic kids.

Changes happened slowly. The Karate Kid myth of the poor nerd pounding a bullying gang into dust just doesn't happen. I found, however, that over time I was becoming more outspoken and active, able to handle myself in certain situations where I previously couldn't. As such I became much less of a target, and began to emerge as my own person.

This, however has been one of the lesser benefits of my training. Only recently can I look back on a decade within the ranks of Yau Hawk Tao and realize what a boon it has been to me. I have made great friends who I can safely say will be with me for life, and I take a certain amount of pride in my body and my fitness. In the last few months I've increased the intensity and amount of training and can already feel the improvements. For those who haven't experienced this feeling of your body really working, it's fantastic.

On a purely self-defence side, I no longer have anything to fear of schoolyard bullies, though this isn't a good example seeing as I'm no longer at school. I have lived all of my life in Kelmscott in a rather unsavoury part of the neighbourhood. I have many friends from my years at the local high-school who live scattered around, and as such regularly find myself walking the streets between them at odd hours. Rather than the fear and trepidation, now I'm happy to travel on foot with confidence that any situation that may arise I can disarm verbally, and when a confrontation is unavoidable I can look after myself.

I can safely say I feel a better person for my long-term involvement in martial arts and the improvements I have experienced in health, fitness and the changes in my outlook and general demeanour are immeasurable and invaluable to me. Yau Hawk Tao, I'm proud to say, is a part of my life and it will be long into the future.

Ross Wylie